Our Mission

Hudspeth Regional Center is a team dedicated to excellence in providing individualized services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We advance personal growth and productivity by offering opportunities for choice, achievement, and success in all aspects of living.
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Campus Services

Hudspeth Regional Center’s Campus Services Program provides 24-hour, seven (7) days per week habilitative, therapeutic, and medical care and treatment. There are nine (9) cottage living units serving men, women and children. Each individual participates in an individualized support plan of care designed to address particular strengths and needs. This objective is implemented by an interdisciplinary service delivery system within the following components:

  • Assistive Technology (ATU)
  • Audiology
  • Dental Services
  • Dietary Services
  • Direct Care Services
  • Educational Services
  • Medical/Nursing Services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Pharmaceutical Services
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychology Services
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Staff Development and Training
  • Social Services

Assistive Technology (ATU)

Assistive Technology, as defined by the Technical Assistance to the States, is “any item, piece of equipment or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.”

Assistive Technology services include:

  • Evaluation
  • Training
  • Augmentative/Alternative Communication Systems/Devices
  • Computer Access and Software
  • Toy and Switch Adaptations
  • Environmental Control Devices
  • Information on Assistive Technology
  • Funding Source Information
  • Information on Listening Devices


Learning depends on access to information. Up to 14.2% of the disabled population has some degree of hearing loss. Individuals with hearing loss or those in a poor listening environment may not achieve their potential simply because they cannot hear clearly enough.

Having an audiologist who:

  • Routinely evaluates hearing status
  • Makes appropriate medical referrals
  • Collaborates with staff on programming
  • Provides in-service to staff on hearing, hearing impairment, and appropriate intervention
  • Analyzes acoustics and makes recommendations for improving listening environments helps Hudspeth Regional Center provide high-quality services for all individuals.


Dental Services at Hudspeth Regional Center assumes a meaningful role in the prevention and control of dental disease. This provides the individuals we serve with a better standard of general health, a more attractive appearance, and more confidence.

Our primary objective is to respond to the oral health needs of our individuals by:

  • teaching the fundamentals of dental health and
  • providing or obtaining adequate dental treatment.

Some of the services provided include routine oral exams, prophylaxis and scaling, preventive care, restorations, extractions, and acute (emergency) care. The dental staff keeps detailed records of patient’s dental visits and provides input for each individual’s program plan through written communication with the interdisciplinary team.

Dietary Services

Hudspeth Regional Center’s Dietary Department provides nutritional services for those individuals who reside on campus. The Dietary Department prepares 1,000 meals daily; individual snacks three times daily; and food for all the individual’s special event activities.

There are three Registered Dieticians who ensure each individual receives an individualized Nutritional Plan. A Consultant Registered Dietician works with the Community Group Homes to ensure each individual’s Nutritional Plan is developed and implemented.

The Hudspeth Regional Center Dietary Services must comply with the State Board of Health regulations.

Direct Care Services

The Direct Care Services component of Hudspeth Regional Center provides 24 hour, seven (7) days per week residential and habilitative care. Each individual participates in an individualized support plan of care designed to address his or her specific strengths and needs.

The Direct Care Services component provides services on nine residential cottages located on the campus of Hudspeth Regional Center. The cottages are divided into three Units. Unit I consists of four cottages for men. Unit II consists of two cottages for women, and one geriatric cottage. Unit III consists of one cottage for school age children and adolescents and one cottage for multi-disabled individuals. The Direct Care Services staff are scheduled to work on the cottage for three eight hour shifts.

The individuals residing in the cottages receive continuous programs of active treatment to promote optimal independence. Direct Care Services staff provide training to the individuals in the areas of self-help skills, daily living skills, communication skills, socialization skills, choice making skills and independent living. The Direct Care Services staff work collaboratively with other disciplines of the Interdisciplinary Team to ensure that all individuals acquire the necessary skills to function with as much self-determination and independence possible.

Educational Services

All individuals receive educational services supervised by teachers with special educational licensure, teacher aides, and other support staff. Educational services provided are:

  • Developmental Programming focusing on daily living skills, self-help skills, communication skills, and pre-vocational skills.
  • Hudspeth Regional Center has a coordinated agreement with the Rankin County Schools; students attend schools throughout the district based on IEP decisions and the least restrictive environment.

Support services include: Assistive technology evaluation, audiological evaluations and programming strategies, training and programming; feeding evaluation, training and programming; deaf/blind consultation and programming; and pragmatic communication consultation and programming.

Hudspeth Regional Center’s educational program for individuals under the age of 21 is licensed as a Nonpublic School Program by the Mississippi Department of Education.

Medical/Nursing Services

The Medical/Nursing Services consists of Physicians, Nurses, and Direct Care Workers who provide a wide range of medical services to the individuals of Hudspeth Regional Center. Some of the services include routine physical examinations and preventative care as well as acute-care and administration of medications. The nursing staff keeps detailed records of medical occurrences and are an integral part of the interdisciplinary team. The Medical/Nursing Services also provide services to the staff including vaccine administration and TB skin testing.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is responsible for evaluating and consulting with the teacher on the individuals in the following areas: activities of daily living (eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, leisure, etc.). The OT provides arm and hand range of motion, coordination, and splinting; sensory processing; adapted equipment; equipment modifications; helmets; and staff training/education.

Pharmaceutical Services

The pharmacy procures and dispenses all medications needed by our individuals, completes quarterly reviews of each individual’s chart checking for any problems that may occur with the medication being used, and acts as a source of drug information for the facility. A pharmacist also has input in the which medications are awarded the contracts, participates in the team plan for each individual, and devises the drug distribution system used by the facility.

Physical Therapy

The purpose of the Therapy Services Department (PT/OT) is to provide the individuals of Hudspeth Regional Center the necessary evaluations and treatment to reach and maintain their optimum physical and functional status.

Physical Therapy is responsible with a individual’s mobility. Mobility can be either via a wheelchair or ambulating with or without an assistive device. PT is also responsible for the individual’s seating and positioning equipment. This includes, wheelchairs, cushions, walkers, leg/foot braces, and many other items. These devices can be as simple as a standard walker or as complicated as a custom wheelchair. PT is also responsible for a individual’s leg range of motion, wheelchair maintenance, and staff training/education.

Psychology Services

Psychology Service is responsible for evaluating and writing psychological plans on each individual once a year. Psychology staff also developed Individualized Behavior Support Plans for those individuals identified with behavior issues. The Psychology staff also collects behavioral data on identified individuals and assists with the day to day care of those individuals.

Recreation Therapy

The Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department (HPER) is responsible for providing Leisure and Therapeutic Recreation Activities to the individuals at Hudspeth. It offers a wide variety of structured activities which consists of on and off campus participation. HPER promotes health and wellness by providing quality recreation services to individuals in the least most restrictive environment. The Recreation staff attempts to adapt all activities to match abilities and likes of each individual. The individuals are encouraged to participate at whatever level deemed capable. The HPER Department sponsors many special events and programs throughout the year; art/music therapy, dances, education, holiday celebrations, leisure van and bus riding, physical fitness, talent shows, and Special Olympics. These and other programs help provide educational, physical, sensory stimulation, socialization and therapeutic programs which will enhance the lifestyle of each individual.

Staff Development and Training

This department coordinates and supervises training for Hudspeth Regional Center employee’s. Staff training begins with new employee orientation and continues throughout one’s employment. Fostering the desire to learn, explore this organization’s mission and the quality of our services.

Some of our training goals include:

  • Facilitating personal & professional growth as well as organizational advancement
  • Improving the skills & competencies of employees
  • Adhering to regulatory training standards

Social Services

Social Services will provide services to those ICF/IID individuals residing at HRC and their family.  It is the mission of Social Services to advocate on the individual’s behalf, to be sensitive to his/her overall needs, to treat each individual with dignity and respect and to act as a liaison between the Center, individual, family and community.

Social Workers provide the following services to each individual:

  • Serves as the individual advocate regarding individual rights issues;
  • Maintains and promotes contact between the family and the IID Program;
  • Maintains and promotes contact between the family and the individual;
  • Serves as an active member of the Interdisciplinary Team and assists in developing individual support plan for the individuals;
  • Assists in shopping with the individual for clothing and other personal items;
  • Completes the admission process in order to help make the transition from the family to the IID Program as easy as possible.

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