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Hudspeth Regional Center is a team dedicated to excellence in providing individualized services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We advance personal growth and productivity by offering opportunities for choice, achievement, and success in all aspects of living.
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Community Support Services

Community Supports Services is a service coordination system for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Its function is to identify needs, search out services, and link individuals with resources available to assist them with full participation in community living.

Community Supports Services is intended for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who reside in Hudspeth Regional Center’s catchment area. Referrals for Community Support Services may be made by individuals, families, teachers, human service agencies, or any other program that serves this population. When an individual is determined eligible, a Community Support Specialist is assigned. The Community Support Specialist makes a home visit to meet the individual and gather information. He or she will assist to the degree desired in addressing the needs and planning services.

The role of the Community Support Specialist may vary with each individual. For families who request that the Community Support Specialist take an active role, the Community Support Specialist can assist with the application process for new services, can arrange for tours to visit programs, and can make telephone contact on behalf of the family or individual.

These individuals receive the most extensive level of assistance from the Community Support Specialist with regard to finding and maintaining services in such areas as housing, employment, transportation, medical care or financial benefits. This level of Community Support Service continues as long as the individual desires and needs the service and may be lifelong.

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