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Hudspeth Regional Center is a team dedicated to excellence in providing individualized services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We advance personal growth and productivity by offering opportunities for choice, achievement, and success in all aspects of living.
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Employment Services

Employment Services offer vocational experiences and training in a variety of settings based on an individual’s need for support and personal choice. Options include prevocational services, work activity, supported employment and customized employment.

Prevocational services are activities directed at specific habilitation goals that are designed to lead to vocational skill development. The services provided are centered based and community-based, and include training in such skills as following directions, adapting to work routines, and acquiring appropriate attitudes and work habits.

Work activity provides work and training in a sheltered workshop setting directed towards increasing productivity, self sufficiency, and community integration.

Supported employment is designed to place people in competitive jobs in the community to enable them to be as productive and independent as possible. The Mississippi Department of Rehabilitative Services coordinates with Hudspeth Regional Center in providing resources to ensure success.

Customized employment is designed for individuals with significant disabilities. It is based on a match between the unique strengths, needs, and interests of the individual.

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