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Hudspeth Regional Center is a team dedicated to excellence in providing individualized services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We advance personal growth and productivity by offering opportunities for choice, achievement, and success in all aspects of living.
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Community Support Program Services 1915 (i)

The IDD Community Support Program Services is funded through 1915 (i) Medicaid State Plan. The target group for the IDD Community Support Program Services 1915 (i) will be a person with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities. In addition to being diagnosed with an intellectual/developmental disability, it must also be determined that the individual meets the needs-based eligibility criteria which includes the existence of significant functional limitations in three or more areas of major life activity including: receptive/expressive language, learning, self-care, mobility, self-direction, capacity for independent living and economic self-sufficiency. The individual does not have to meet ICF/IID level of care.

The 1915 (i) State Plan services include:

• Day Habilitation Services – Designed to support meaningful day opportunities that provide structured, varied and age appropriate activities and the option for individuals to make choices about the activities in which they participate.

• Prevocational Services – Provide learning and worker experiences, including volunteer work, where the individual can develop general non-job-task specific strengths and skills that contribute to employment in paid employment in integrated community settings.

• Supported Employment – ongoing support to individuals who, because of their disabilities, need intensive, ongoing support and obtain and maintain an individual job in competitive or customized employment, or self employment.

• Targeted Case Management – Case management services for individuals served through the 1915 (i) will be provided by Targeted Case Managers (TCM) located at Hudspeth Regional Center.


For further information, you can contact the Targeted Case Management Department at 601-664-6122 or the Diagnostic and Evaluation Department at 601-664-6130.


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